Stations of Marifat

After Haqiqat, Ma’rifat (Stations of Marifat) is realised. This entails recognition of the being & attributes of Allah (swt). Ma’rifat is also recognised & consists of ten stations:-

First Station:
One should respect & rever all wise and sagacious men known as the Friends of Allah. Showing reverence will also fully make one well-versed in the mode of shariah.

Second Station:
One should bear all hardships and rigours with patience and constancy and have no grudge against one’s prosecutors. One should try to alleviate others sufferings and forget & forgive the wrongs done to him by them and be not revengeful in the least.

Third Station:
One should try to extinguish the flames of iniquities and injustice, keeping distance from feuds and riots. One should be happy adopting the company of the virtuous.

Fourth Station:
One should render service to the Murshid sincerely and selflessly. One should befriend those who are at his beck and call, always giving them good piece of advice and develop true friendship with them.

Fifth Station:
One should not waste even a single moment in negligence but remain engaged in worship and remembrance of Allah. One should be on the look out for His effulgence and splendour in everything of the universe. It behoves the worshipper to realize that he is seeing his Lord-Allah, and if he is not capable of that, Allah is seeing him definitely.

Sixth Station:
One should be generous and liberal according to his means and without giving himself preference over others.

Seventh Station:
One should be possessed of qualities of fortitude and forbearance; not be impatient when confronted with coercive and oppressive people. One Should be tolerant, forbearing, firm and stead fast in his dealings.

Eight Station:
One should wipe out the rust and black spots that collect in the heart by the luminosity of the remembrance of Allah. To this effect the Holy Prophet has stated:

“The people’s hearts get rusty and blackened like the iron. So they should remove this rust through repeated divine remembrance.”

Ninth Station:
One should constantly strive to get nearer and closer to Allah by all kinds and modes of worship and meditation.

Tenth Station:
One should look down upon oneself as the worst and meanest of the creatures and think others to be one’s superiors. Oneshould be mindful of what Allah has stated.

“That is the grace of God which He bestows on whom He pleases and God is the Lord of grace abounding.” (al-Hadid, 57:21)

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