Stations of Tariqat

Tariqat is the pathway to Allah. To travel on this path the successful Murid is required to adorn and adopt certain qualities/stations. Tariqat also comprises of 10 stations. These are as follows:

First Station: Repentance
The first station is Tauba (repentance) which requires the seeker to keep turning to his Lord (Allah) for forgiveness of the sins and acts of transgression.

Second Station: Virtue
Next to Tauba are the acts of virtue and piety. The soul of which is good conduct and morality embracing all praise-worthy practices and attributes, because goodness of conduct and morality magnifies the virtues and good deeds.

Third Station: Endearment
Following virtue is Mujahida (endeavour), Taqwa (Fear of Allah) and Piety. These are the traits which endear the devout Mureed to the holy Prophet (s.a.w). It is an established fact that the man who endeavoured and improved his standing with Allah and His Prophet (s.a.w) set himself on the path of righteousness. He who failed, in this respect, remained roaming in the wilderness of despair without vision and hope.

Fourth Station: Fear & Hope
Apprehensiveness and optimism generate fear and hope. Fear and hope are interconnected and together they protect the seeker from despair of Allah’s Mercy and resolve against falling indifferent to the fear of Allah.

Fifth Station: Renunciation of Sensual Desire
Renounce and abandon all sensual desires stemming from sexual urges, longings and cravings of mundane nature. The pursuit of these blackens and hardens the heart.

Sixth Station: Safeguard
Abstain from using anything that causes you doubts and suspicions. These include food, clothing and wealth in which the line of distinction with regard to Halal and Haram cannot be drawn. Regarding this, a serious, strict and scrupulous stance should be taken to avoid every thing doubtful.

Seventh Station: Dedication
To devote, meditate and supplicate before almighty Allah with tearful eyes. Turning to Him in repentance and asking for His forgiveness of all sins with humility, submissiveness and self-negation. This should entail sincerity of heart and earnest desire for seeking shelter in Allah from the sinister designs and manoeuvrings of Shaitan (Satan).

Eighth Station: Appeasement
Win the pleasure and satisfaction of your Murshid in every matter. This state, of Murshid’s satisfaction and pleasure, can be achieved by virtue of obeying him in word and deed without wavering of mind or sceptism.

Ninth Station: Pleasant Focus
Give patient ear for listening to the sermon delivered by one’s Murshid. Aiming thereby to act upon the advice administered. When the Mureed goes out for this purpose, it is important to exercise the utmost courtesy, cheerfulness, amiability, politeness and chastity.

Tenth Station: Reliance
Forsake every thing save Allah Almighty. This state calls for the heart to completely disengage from all the reliance of creation because indulging in them harms the proximity and nearness to God and erects an impenetrable curtain before his eyes.

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